Our Product Expertise

  • Event and Sports Cover

    Event and Sports Cover

    Organisers of sports or pubic events like exhibitions, Concerts, Corporate gathering need to insure for financial losses due to event cancellations and public liabilities.

  • Aviation Insurance

    Aviation Insurance

    Aviation risk requires insurance experts familiar with the Aviation Markets and having the ability to securely insure both your aviation and ground operation needs.

  • Credit Insurance Protection

    Credit Risk

    When your customers fail to pay trade credit debts owed to you due to insolvency or failure to pay, credit insurance protection helps you recover your money.

  • Clinical Insurance

    Clinical Trials

    When your products require clinical trials and investigations before going to the market, you should have a proper cover to prevent losses if trial subjects make a claim.

  • Fine Art and Collectibles

    Fine Art and Collectibles

    Private collections need to be insured at current market value for every possible conceivable risk. Ask EDIFY to find the right insurance for your prized possessions.

  • Jewellers Block Insurance

    Jeweller’s Block

    Many Jewellers have lost several lacs due to poor understanding of a Jewellers block. Use expert advice to create a protection for every possible risk in your business.

  • Classic Cars and Yacht Cover

    Classic Cars & Yacht Cover

    Such policies apart from insuring the asset for the right value need to be comprehensive. We can help cover from Mast to Sail for yachts and laid up covers for your vintage.

  • Kidnap and Ransom

    Kidnap and Ransom (KNR)

    Indian companies operating in high risk geographies need comprehensive KNR cover to protect their people and their bottom lines from adversities of a Kidnap.

  • Political Risk

    Political Risk

    When Multinational enterprises and banks are exposed to uncertain business environment, arising from the actions or inaction of governments a Political risk cover is a must.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions

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Our Solutions

Sports and Event Management

Sporting events carry a specific type of risk. A washed-out cricket match may carry the same risk as a match with a few overs bowled. Insurance covers may cover the former and not recognise the latter. A cancellation of a concert due failure of performing artist to show may have strings attached on reason of artist absence to enable a claim. A closure of the city due to a local mourning or a strike can cause an uncovered event cancellation. Shootout at an private event with liquor served can lead to public liabilities with no cover, if liquor liability was not insured. Your business is fraught with several risks with only a few uninsurable. When you work with EDIFY we help you consider every insurable risk before you buy what you need.

Aviation & Ground Services

Whether you charter Executive Jets or Helicopters or long-range wide-body twin-engine jets, it is imperative to review the covers you need and the insurer and the reinsurer market providing you the coverage. Edify closely works to advise you on the coverage and insure with the most optimal cover and cost. Be it a Hull risk or a risk associated with Premises, Products, Design services, Cargo Handling or Hangar Keepers’ Liability , you need advisors who will study your risk carefully and design the cover of your need. At Edify we rely on our expertise to help Aviation companies find the correct insurance product.

Gems and Jewellery Trade

The nature of the product requires insurance cover to be precisely drawn to suit the needs of the trade. Basic burglary and theft covers with peril risks are inherent to any policy. Defining the scope of transit of jewellery, fidelity risk on carriage by Employees, Job workers and goldsmith stock or Exhibition risk is where expertise is required. Jewellers block comes with restrictions on terms which impair cover unless they are understood well and reviewed with insurers while buying the policy. EDIFY has the depth to advise you and find the insurers with the best covers.

Manufacturing Firms.

Competitive environments accentuate the need of innovation, novelty and Prudence. Products are bundled with AMCs insured with insurers. Product Warranty risks are being outsourced to insurers. A business needs to find the markets which are good. When you buy credit insurance, you are assisted with information on your buyers by Credit Agencies which have an immense repository of local and Global companies credit records. Manufacturers operating in economic promotion zones in Africa and South east Asia are exposing their employees to Kidnap risks. Whatever your need be EDIFY can help you find the solutions you need.