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Technology Product and Services

With technology landscape going through rapid changes, the risks for software firms have compounded. Cyber risks pose an inimical challenge of business interruption and associated extortion. With growing value-added services, you are exposed to variety of privacy, data or computer fraud risks. Offshore operations require you to buy quality Employment practices and Third party liability cover for adequate protection from local laws. Seek the advisory from EDIFY Consultants to find a well-grounded liability protection for your Company.

Manufacturing and Product firms

Whether you are a component manufacturer for auto or aviation industry or in foods business, your products will always carry an inherent risk of causing harm to others. Even a Garment or cosmetics manufacturers can be sued for skin damages. No product can be classified as risk free, they may just have higher or lower risks. Buying insurance need not always mean thousands of dollars of spend. Meet experts to find out the type of liability insurance you may need and the cost to have a protection net for your product.

Hospitality and Leisure (Hotels, Restaurants and Malls)

Malls are an epicentre of family leisure and shopping. Hotels and restaurants are also abuzz with people. A fire or even a scare can lead to public pandemonium causing injury to many. An inebriated patron may harm others in your Hotel or restaurant. An inadvertent food contamination can cause harm. A car damage by Valet or a safe locker theft can expose you to pay compensation. A escalator or lift injury can bring claims. Your business requires to deal with complex public liability covers which only the best liability practitioners can write.

Consulting and Design Services

Your business completely relies on your expertise to provide the right design and advise to clients. Whether you are an Engineering Consultant, Architect or Structural design firm, Management consultant or an Investment advisory, your professional services have to be reliable and accurate. Product and structure design defect can also make you liable to property damage or injury caused. Your businesses require a Combination of Professional, Commercial General liability and Crime covers. Ask us to help you create your liability suite.