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Technology firms and offices

Asset insurance or Insurance Policy For Building in many companies is accorded low priority with leased office spaces and scant ownership of assets. Risk Managers and decision makers often overlook the fact that any fire or peril damage to landlord assets will always be their liability. Such damages also have a potential to jeopardize business delivery when business-critical servers, IT equipment and the office space itself are affected. Creating a comprehensive cover of Building Insurance Policy India may cost a pittance in comparison to expensive employee covers. Talk to the Edify Consultants today to de-risk your business activity.

Manufacturing Insurance

Insuring manufacturing facilities require skill and care to insure business specific risks. Edify consultants spend time to understand your business processes, transit requirements, equipment criticality and product characteristics before designing your risk packages. From erection risk of the manufacturing facilities to loss of profit covers, we help you find your peace of mind.

Projects and Construction Industry

Developers and infrastructure firms often leave critical projects insurance to Contractors exposing constructions to inadequate covers, influenced by cost cutting. We ensure your contractors buy comprehensive Commercial Building Insurance India so that your project delivery is neither impacted by uncovered losses or delayed recovery of losses. Our consultants will secure every possible risk including loss minimisation, expediting of reinstatement to required liability covers. Our expertise allows us to build a comprehensive plan for all projects.

Biotechnology and Hi Technology

Your business is quite different to a normal manufacturing risk as it involves critical equipment risks and special transit requirements for perishable input material and your final produce. From insuring Machinery loss of profits to having an extensive perishable transit cover, your needs are unique. Asset and stock valuations to insure at the correct values requires professional advice. Edify consultants have the expertise to design and evolve adequate covers for your risk.